Composer: Christoph Blaser
CD series: Download Edition
number of CDs: Online Only
CD -Status: Lieferbar (Available)

Title: Arthur’s Law

Order no .: DL1901
Tracks: 18
Duration: 41:46
Release: 2019
Distribution: download 


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Music for the TNT series by Christoph Blaser nominated for the Grimme Prize. Director Christian Zübert commented: „ The greatest creative challenge for ARTHUR’S LAW for me was the balance between drama and comedy, between emotion and the grotesque. The music here is one of those most important assistants for a director – it sets the tone, it allows the audience to cry and laugh … I knew from the beginning: if we don’t find the right music, then this tightrope will fail never worked together, but on average we created a temp track (preliminary music) from,

Nevertheless, such a first collaboration is always a risk, especially if it is that’s why there is so much music, we’re talking about 6 by 45 minutes, to create in a relatively short time. But Christoph didn’t disappoint my trust, on the contrary. He literally composed himself into a frenzy and created a soundtrack in a time frame that would be scarce even for television conditions, which for me has absolute cinema quality. For me, he walks this fine line between serious and bizarre, between dark and light-footed, between exaggeration and down-to-earthness. His themes stay in the ear without ever being flat, his arrangements are always innovative,


Music for the Grimme Prize nominated TV-series from TNT. Director Christian Zübert about the music: „ The biggest creative challenge for me with ARTHUR’S LAW was striking a balance between drama and comedy, between emotion and absurdity. Music is one of the most important aids for a director – it sets the tone, it makes the audience laugh and cry … I knew from the start: if we do not find the right music, then walking this tightrope will fail. I have never worked with Christoph Blaser before, but during the editing,

Still, such a maiden collaboration always poses a risk, especially with such a considerable amount of music – we’re talking six 45-minute episodes for which Christoph, in a relatively short period of time, had to compose. Christoph did not let me down – on the contrary. He has literally composed at a near fever pitch and, in a very tight time frame even for television standards, created a soundtrack that has an undeniable cinema quality for me. Christoph walks this tightrope perfectly for me between serious and whimsical, between despondency and gaiety, between exaggeration and rationality. His themes get stuck in your head without ever becoming dreary;


01. A Day In The Life Of Arthur
02. In Quest Of Arthur
03. Arthur’s Birthday
04. Keep Still
05. Arthur On The Run
06. Marthas Heart
07. Arthur Rides His Bike
08. Sissies On The Brink
09. 25 Years Of Martha
10 Arthur’s Dream
11. Martha Ahnepol
12. Arthur & amp; Muriel
13. All Disappointed

18. Waltz Of Death

All tracks composed and produced by Christoph Blaser in 2018 at Largoland Studios, Berlin

Track 1: music composed by Christoph Blaser, lyrics by Ayako Ikeda
Track 10: music composed by Jan Lehmann

Kamila Glass – Solo Violin
Leslie Riva Ruppert – Solo Cello
Jan Lehman – Accordion, Guitars, Bass, Cello, Percussion, String Arrangements
Christoph Blaser – piano, percussion, programming, banjo, string arrangements
Benjamin Kriesel – Guitars
Ayako Ikeda – vocals (courtesy of Chronographika)