Composer: Frederic Talgorn
CD series: RK-Edition
Number of CDs: 1CD
CD status: Title deleted & out of stock (out-of-print & out-of-stock)

Title: Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold (1990)

Order No.: A 8921
Tracks: 3
Duration: 39:11
Release: 1990
Distribution: da Music


Frederic Talgorn’s music for the film with Chuck Norris, recorded with the European Symphony Orchestra. The song The Winds of Change was written by Frederic Talgorn and Harriet Schock and is interpreted by Lee Greenwood. In addition to Delta Force 2 , Talgorn’s music for Le Brasier also appeared in the Alhambra Records catalog.


01.Orchestral Suite – Skyjacking
– Bobby’s Family Killed
– Bobby Finds Dead Family
– Ramone Kills El Heffe
– Jose Gets The Blade
– Chuck Watches Tape
– The Bear Pit
– Hector & Bobby Die
– It Was Worth It
– Cota’s Fooled Them
– Dead Hubby & Baby
– Ramone’s Death Poem
– Not Today
– Training Montage

02. The Winds of Change

03.Synthesizer Suite
– Cota’s Plane Lands
– Chuck Saves DEA Guys
– Bridge Crossing
– It’s A Big One
– Stranglehold Is A Go
– Chuck Begins Climb
– Chuck Still Climbing
– Chuck & Snake
– Chuck Reaches The Top
– Chuck & Ramone
– DEA Dummys
– Bobby The Shark
– Delta Force Arrival

In addition to being released on CD, Delta Force 2 also appeared on MC and LP.

The following photos for the LP were kindly provided by Ralf Meis: