Composer: Patrick Kirst
CD series: Cinema Musica Edition
Number of CDs: 1CD
CD status: Title deleted – few remaining copies (out-of-print – few CDs still available )

Title: The Big Cat

Order No .: A 8991
Tracks: 22
Duration: 40:43
Release: 2010
Distribution: da Music 

The family drama based on the novel of the same name by the Swiss writer Thomas Hürlimann is set in Switzerland at the time of the visit of the Spanish royal couple in 1979. The title character Hangover in History is the Federal President, who welcomes the distinguished guests, but suffers an embarrassing marriage at the banquet. The background of the private crisis is a child with cancer. Marie Bäumer („Witch Lilli“) plays alongside Bruno Ganz, also starring Ulrich Tukur („A fleeing horse“), Christiane Paul, Edgar Selge and Walo Lüönd „.

German film composer Patrick Kist has lived and worked in Hollywood for years. In addition to his own film compositions, Kirst was also involved in successes such as „Mr. Magoriums Wunderladen“, „Sex And The City: The Movie“ and „Selbst ist die Braut“. Patrick Kirst has now returned to Europe for the Swiss-German novel adaptation of the bestseller The Great Kater , where he has recorded symphonic music in Switzerland with the „21st Century Orchestra“ under the direction of Ludwig Wicki.


01. Prologue 4:46
02. Kater’s big idea 1:59
03. Louis 0:57
04. My foreign office 1:41
05. State visit 0:39
06. Nuncio and Whistle’s conspiracy 1:47
07. Arrival of the royal couple 1: 21
08. I know where she is! 1:30
09. misconception 1:59
10. Ver-whistles 1:12
11 Erlacherhof Part 1 1:50
12 Erlacherhof Part 2 1:26
13 Erlacherhof Part 3 12:46
14 Bässler on the trail 1:45
15. Waiting for Marie 2:08
16. Dinner 1:32
17. Power games 2:45
18. Hangover awakes! 1:59
19. Axalp 2:44
20. Arrival hangover 1:45
21. Media betrayal 2:01
22. Reconciliation 1:24