Composer: Heiko Maile
CD series: Cinema Musica Edition
Number of CDs: 1CD
CD status: Title deleted – few remaining copies (out-of-print – few CDs still available )

Title: The Fourth Power

Order No .: A 9007
Tracks: 17
Duration: 79:27
Release: 2012
Distribution: da Music 

The rule of law distinguishes the so-called separation of powers in the form of legislative, judicial and executive – but there is another power: the power of the press and the media. In The Fourth Mach t journalist Paul Jensen experienced (played by Moritz Bleibtreu), what could be in Moscow for the consequences if you researched the false stories. In order to leave a personal crisis behind and to take on a new challenge in another country, Jensen gets a job at a Moscow tabloid due to old contacts. But he is involved in a bomb attack and goes to prison, and that is just the start of the involvement.

Heiko Maile wrote for Die Vierte Macht an haunting, dark film music using electronic sounds, expanded to include guitar, cymbalom, accordion, violin and other instruments.


01. Welcome to Moscow (Suite)
Arrival at Domodedovo Airport
• Meeting Katya
• The Hidden Chamber

02. The Assassination (Suite)
• The Assassination
• He Was a Good Guy
• Do You Work Here?
Katya’s Dispute With Nevsky

03. Katya and Paul (Suite)
• Katya and Paul
• This Is Not Berlin
• This Looks Like the Secret Service
• Searching Files

04. Get Out Of Russia (Suite)
• Get Out of Russia
• Awakening in Prison
• Suspected Terrorist Activities

05. I’m In Here by Mistake (Suite)
• I’m In Here by Mistake – We’re Not!
• Seven Months
• Welcome to Little Chechnya

06. Little Chechnya (Suite)
• What Would You Do, journalist?
• Aslan Goes Down
• Killing the Snitcher

07. Your Bird Can’t Sing Anymore! (Suite)
• Your Bird Can’t Sing Anymore!
• Aslan Is Dead
• Shamil’s Attack
• The Abyss
• Sign Here, Mr. Jensen

08. Paul’s Escape (Suite)
• Shouldn’t We Turn Right?
• Out of the Car
• Escape to Dima
• Trying to Get the Bus to Kiev

09. Going Underground (Suite)
• Going Underground
• I Thought You Were Dead
• Fighting with the Agent

10. That’s a Safe Place (Suite)
• That’s a Safe Place
• On the Stairs
• Wakefully

11. It Can’t Get Any Worse (Suite)
• Back to Norbert’s Room
• It Can’t Get Any Worse
• In the Archive
• Finding the CD-ROM

12. Norbert’s Research (Suite)
• Norbert’s Research
• Maybe The Time Was Right

13. Goodbye Katya (Suite)
• Goodbye Katya
• Talking to Onjegin

14. Publish that Article! (Suite)
• Publish that Article!
• Give me the gun

15. Russia Deserves the Truth (Suite)
• Security Check
• Paul’s Getaway
• Russia Deserves the Truth

16. Prison Wall (Endtitles)

17. Wakefully (Bonus Track)