Komponist: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
CD-Reihe: Italian Classics
Anzahl CDs: 1CD
CD-Status: Lieferbar (Available)

Titel: I Briganti Italiani (1961)

Bestell-Nr.: A 9022
Tracks: 22
Laufzeit: 46:38
Veröffentlichung: 2014
Vertrieb: da Music

Hörprobe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyC_Vzwe9kc

Die fünfte Alhambra-Edition mit Werken des berühmten italienischen Filmkomponisten Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (1909 – 1987) enthält die auf diesem CD-Album erstmals überhaupt erhältliche komplette Musik zum 1961 entstandenen Banditenepos I BRIGANTI ITALIANI, das in Deutschland unter dem Titel DER BANDIT VON NEAPEL in die Kinos kam. Der zur Zeit der Gründung des Königreichs Italien an 1861 spielende Abenteuerfilm entstand unter der Regie des Veteranen Mario Camerini mit einer internationalen Darstellerriege, die von bekannten Schauspielern wie Ernest Borgnine, Katy Jurado, Vittorio Gassman und Rosanna Schiaffino angeführt wird. Lavagnino hat hierfür einen kraftvollen und mitreißenden sinfonischen Score geschrieben, der aber auch durch seine heiteren und etwas fokloristisch angelegten wie durch seine pastoral-nostalgischen Abschnitte zu überzeugen weiß und jedem Freund klassischer italienischer Filmmusik somit ans Herz gelegt werden darf. Die erfreulicherweise sogar in Stereo vorliegenden Original-Bänder, die hier zu Gehör kommen, stammen aus dem Nachlass des Komponisten und wurden uns freundlicherweise von dessen Töchtern zur Verfügung gestellt.

Alhambra Records in Germany is proud to present on this CD the world premiere release of Angelo Francesco Lavagnino’s complete score for the 1961 historical adventure movie I BRIGANTI ITALIANI. This wonderful CD project – the fifth CD in our Lavagnino series – has only been possible thanks to the generous support of the three daughters of the composer – Bianca, Iudica and Alessandra Lavagnino -, who still had open reel tape copies of the original mastertapes in stereo in their personal archive. Directed by Mario Camerini in parts like a Western with ironic overtones, I BRIGANTI ITALIANI starred an international cast of well known actors: Ernest Borgnine plays the brigand Sante Carbone, Katy Jurado his wife Assunta Pescatore and Vittorio Gassman the corporal Vincenzino. Among the supporting actors were Rosanna Schiaffino, Bernard Blier, Micheline Presle and Philippe Leroy.

The story of the film takes place in Campania in 1861, just after the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies had been conquered by the KIngdom of Sardinia. The country is in the hands of the Piedmontese troops, while a band of armed bandits led by the outlaw Sante Carbone infests the place and launches attacks against the Italian authorities. Vincenzino, the young corporal from the defeated Bourbon army who is much more interested in love affairs than in warfare or politcial matters, gets captured by Sante, but manages to escape again some time later. Through a series of mix-ups and delightful coincidences Vincenzino meets Sante again and they suddenly become friends. When Sante gets defeated in a battle of annihilation by the Piedmontese troops, he decides to surrender, but he canít realize his intention anymore: In the middle of the piazza of Stagliano he is shot down from the back by one of the land barons who had originally hired him.

In 1961 Lavagnino was one of the busiest Italian film composers and scored more than a dozen films throughout that year, most of them historical epics or costume pictures which almost always demanded quite an amount of music. Despite this frenetic activity his melodic inspiration almost never ceased, and the score for I BRIGANTI ITALIANI is no exception to this rule. The Main Title immediately grabs the listener’s attention with an ear-catching brisk and stirring theme for full orchestra and mixed chorus. This music exudes a fabulous spirit of adventure and would also be suited for a Western story. Although the theme mainly represents Sante’s fight for liberty and the rides of his band along the rugged Campanian countryside, it is highly adaptable and can be used in manifold ways to describe different moods and various situations. The braggart and ladiesí man Vincenzino, who during the first half of the movie is always surrounded by his own small troupe of bandits, gets his own sly musical theme which is best heard in Viva l’Italia when they start their ramblings through the country in an almost Don Quixotian-like manner. During the second half the movie changes its tone and strikes a more tragic note. The fierce battle scenes are scored with propulsive and exciting action music not unlike the ones used by Lavagnino for his peplum scores. After the defeat, the longest musical sequence in the film appears (Vincenzino and Sante) where we get to hear a new pastoral and nostalgic theme which is mainly intoned by solo oboe and then extended until in the end an almost religious atmosphere is achieved.

We hope that many fans of the composer and of classic Italian film music can now enjoy for the first time ever on CD the splendid beauty of this exciting symphonic film score. This CD edition with a 12-page booklet will be limited to 400 copies.


01. Main Title 1:42
02. Vincenzino Esposito 0:37
03. Vincenzino Esposito and Mariantonia 3:21
04. Sante Carbone and Colonel Breviglieri / Sante Carbone and Assunta Pescatore 1:28
05. Vincenzino Esposito (Unused) 1:36
06. Viva l’Italia 1:45
07. Chicchirichi (Traditional Folk Song) 1:24
08. Escape / Sante Carbone 1:12
09. Reprisal 3:12
10. Sante and Assunta 2:47
11. Vincenzino and the Marchioness 2:48
12. On the Move (1) 1:24
13. Battle 2:55
14. Death of Chattone 0:47
15. Colonel Breviglieri and Baron La Mazza 1:04
16. On the Move (2) 1:05
17. Vincenzino and Sante 6:28
18. Vincenzino Goes to Stigliano 1:05
19. Sante and Assunta 2:28
20. Finale and End Cast 2:31
21. Finale (Alternate Take) 0:46

Bonus Track
22. Interview with A. F. Lavagnino (from 1986) 3:25

Music Composed by A.F. Lavagnino
Conducted by Carlo Savina

Special Thanks to Alessandro Panuccio in Rome, who transferred the open reel tapes in an extremely careful way,  assembled in chronological order and titled the tracks for our CD.