Composer: Karim Sebastian Elias
CD series: Cinema Musica Edition
Number of CDs: 1CD
CD status: Title deleted – a few remaining copies (out-of-print – few CDs still available)

Title: In Heaven, Under Earth

Order No .: A 8997
Tracks: 22
Duration: 54:12
Release: 2011
Distribution: da Music 

In the sky, under the earth – the Weißensee Jewish Cemetery: In the north of Berlin is the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe, to which director Britta Wauer is dedicated. Over 115,000 people are buried here in imposing mausoleums and under simple stones. Well-known people like the publisher Samuel Fischer or the hotelier Kempinski – but of course also unknown names.

The director Britta Wauer about her collaboration with Karim Sebastian Elias: “ Karim Sebastian Elias was skeptical when I saw him for the music of Im Himmel, unter dem Erdewanted to win. Again and again he asked me who would watch a cemetery film and how it could succeed in inspiring an audience for thousands of tombstones and dilapidated mausoleums. Those who would voluntarily engage in a documentary film about death and the afterlife should – we agreed – be accompanied by powerful, lively music. I am very grateful to Karim Sebastian Elias for incorporating the cheerful tone that Rabbi William Wolff adopts in the film into his music. At the same time, Karim has created a great, wistful music that accompanies those stories that tell of losses and grief. It has become touching, extremely rich music, recorded by the musicians of the Brandenburg State Orchestra „ .


01. In the sky, under the earth 3:37
02. Russian Jews Part 1 (Chamber Orchestra Suite) 2:54
03. That was the friendship 3:51
04. Mausoleum – Piano Sonata 3:18
05. Jew Child Part 1 5:58
06. A certain superstition 1:47
07. Russian Jews Part 2 2:31
08. Jewish Child Part 2 (piano sonata) 1:46
09. At night 1:34
10. In 2083 1:25
11. Structure 2:34
12 Grandfather Schwabacher Part 1 3:01
13th Intro – In Heaven, Under the Earth 2:48
14th Mourning Hall 2:09
15th Mausoleum (Chamber Orchestra Suite) 3:17
16 Birds of Prey 1:29
17th Baby Waltzer 0:59
18. Patriots 2:51
19. Life Taken 1:13
20. Grandfather Schwabacher Part 2 (Chamber Orchestra Suite) 2:47
21. Field „P“ in Weißensee 1:45
22. Friedhof Weißensee 0:34