Composer: Wolfram de Marco
CD series: Cinema Musica Edition
Number of CDs: 1CD
CD status: Title deleted – a few remaining copies (out-of-print – few CDs still available)

Title: Fateful Years

Order No .: A 8998
Tracks: 30
Duration: 75:56
Release: 2011
Distribution: da Music

In 1938 the amateur pianist Ursula married the singer Wolfgang but was torn apart by the Second World War. Due to tragic entanglements, the lovers consider each other dead at the end of the war. The ZDF two-part series is based on real events: In the novel „Happiness is only a shadow“ Uwe-Karsten Heye – once Willy Brandt’s press officer – reconstructed the life story of his mother, who died in 1992.

Miguel Alexandre, director: „Fateful years marked my second collaboration with Wolfram de Marco. Wolfram’s positive energy is a gift. For him, the glass is always „half full“ – and that can make all the difference when working on a film – especially during the rough cut phase, when you are looking for inspiration and support and sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. I will never forget how Wolfram called me after seeing the first rough cut of „Destiny Years“: he raved, explained in detail what had touched him and why – and immediately sent me a first „piano theme for Ursula“, the he had thought of after watching. As is his humble manner, he quickly added that it was just a first try. But he had hit the mark. I didn’t give this topic anymore, because this „positive melancholy“ was exactly the feeling that corresponded to the expression of the soul situation of the main character Ursula Heye. Wolfram has walked the long distance that this special project required with constant enthusiasm – and has created music that still brings a tear and a smile to my face. I can only thank him from the bottom of my heart„.



01. Ursula
02. Walk
03. Typewriters
04. Nice day
05. Photo album
06. Flags
07. Home leave
08. Suicide
09. Gdansk
10. New job
11. Black market
12. No Nazis
13. Father lives
14. New beginning
15. New love
16. Stasi
17. Brooch
18. To the west
19. Please stay
20. Papers?
21. Done!
22. New life
23. Committee
24. New apartment
25. Exhausted
26. Crisis
27. Separation
28. White lie
29. Years later
30. Alone