Composer: Dürbeck & Dohmen
CD series: Cinema Musica Edition
Number of CDs: 1CD
CD status: Title deleted – a few remaining copies (out-of-print – few CDs still available)

Title: Soliloquy – we have to talk

Order No .: A 8971
Tracks: 26
Duration: 33:28
Release: 2008
Distribution: da Music 


The music of the composer duo Dürbeck & Dohmen was awarded the Max Ophüls Prize 2008. Here is the jury’s reasoning: “For a composition that accompanies the figures in a reserved manner and at the same time underlines the changing moods and pitches of this ensemble. From cheerful to melancholic, from depressed to hopeful. „

Film content: Sascha believes in his breakthrough as a showmaster. Adrian dreams of the woman who understands him. Marie is hoping for a job as an architect. Sascha, Adrian and Marie are young and need the money. With nice words they promise potential customers a super flat rate at sensational conditions. „Every new call is a new opportunity“ is the motto of her boss Richard Harms. His life is the call center, his marriage is a heap of rubble. Especially when the digital scoreboard is installed in the office. The sales figures have to be increased by 5% within 4 weeks, otherwise the department is threatened with closure. Numbers and odds compete against big dreams and hopes. With gentle irony, director André Erkau describes the longings and dreams of Sascha, Richard, Marie and all the others, who cannot be beaten in their everyday work. The call center becomes the microcosm of our society, whose speechlessness is becoming more and more apparent in the age of total networking. Smile and the world smiles with you.


01. Piangere A Dirotto 1:45
02. Once sad, once glad – Feat. „Pitsch“ Dohmen 0:40
03. Sascha is incorporated 1:51
04. Half-day workers look better 0:49
05. Ralf and Marie 1:25
06. Behind 2 Stars 1:20
07. The mega-chart show 0: 45
08. We wanted to be talked out 0:57
09. Long Wall 0:42
10. Let’s go fishing 2:02
11. Harms snapped out 1:27
12. Slowly the new Schnell – Feat. André Erkau 0:41
13. The water dispenser 0:39
14. The incredible Hulk 1:21
15. Lütjenkoog 0:50
16. Daggie and Marie 1:11
17. Skin a Cat – Feat. Melanie 1:50
18. Cha Cha Chak 1:16
19. Piangere a Dirotto – Feat. Theo Krumbach 0:46
20. The impossible building 1:26
21. Blödkopf 0:41
22. House of the Rising Sun – Traditional 2:01
23. Piangere a Dirotto – Feat. Stephan Langenberg 1:18
24. Selling is seduction 1:34
25. The phone call 1:17
26. Long Running 2:04