Composer: John Williams
CD series: RK-Edition
Number of CDs: 1CD
CD status: Title deleted & out of stock (out-of-print & out-of-stock )

Title: The Fury (1978)

Order no .: A 8914
Tracks: 10
Running time: 43:41
Release: 1989
Distribution: da Music 

Second publication of music by John Williams in the Alhambra Records catalog, alongside 1941 and Close Encounters of the Third Kind . The Brian DePalma film is also known under the German title Teufelskreis Alpha , the cast includes Kirk Douglas, John Cassavetes and Amy Irving. The music was recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra.


01. Main Title
02. For Gillian
03. Vision On The Stairs
04. Hester’s Theme And The House
05. Gillian’s Escape
06. The Search For Robin
07. Death On The Carousel (Original Version – not on Original Release)
08. Gillian’s Vision
09. Death On The Carousel And End Titles
10. Epilogue